Club History

The Centenary Park Golf Club has a long history in Frankston, being originally formed as the “Frankston Municipal Golf Club” in 1938 and situated in Yuille Street Frankston, on land which is now part of the Frankston Hospital and Pentland Gardens.

In 1974 the Frankston Council decided to relocate the course to its current location. The club was renamed Centenary Park Golf Club in 1986.

Designed by golf professional Bill Clifford, work started on the present course in 1973 and in May 1974 the first nine holes were opened, with the second nine holes opened in October 1975.

Originally two old houses owned by the Frankston Council, were transported from their original site near Frankston Station, joined together and became the Pro-shop and Manager’s residence at the course for more than 25 years.

Older residents well remember Dot and Jim Spencer who managed the Pro-shop at the old course and then at Centenary park for more than two years, before Pat and Frank Doolan took over for the next 18 years.

Since the mid 1980s, the City of Frankston has invested thousands of dollars on continual upgrading of the course and appointed a special sub-committee to recommend new works. A ten year master plan in 1986 saw many improvements including a reticulation system, drainage works, dams, and  upgrading and resewing of fairways.

Now Frankston Council is set to implement further major improvements in a master plan for a multi-million dollar upgrade of Centenary Park. Prepared by Golf Strategies International Golf Course Architects.

The plan recommends major improvements to the course in stages over the next few years and includes enlargement of all greens to twice their current size, bigger, longer Tees, more bunkers and the redesign of several of the holes.

Fairways would also be improved, beautified and resewn with Santa Ana couch that has proved an ideal hardy grass for golf courses and gives excellent golf ball lies.